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Siemens Replacement

Industrial Text-Display and IPC replacement solutions for your machines and equipment

unipo® specializes in retrofitting solutions. Our modular UCP platforms provide you with an individual retrofit bearing the following features:

  • fully-fledged 1:1 replacement for older text displays, operator panels and industrial PCs of various manufacturers

  • transparent implementation for the machine control (PLC, etc.)

  • software of existing operating devices can be kept or automatically converted via UCPToolXE®

  • low investment costs and preservation of existing infrastructure (machine tools, operator know-how, ...)

  • on site implementation support

  • long-term availability for spare parts and service



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Special Offers

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Replacement for Heidenhain

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Innovative Panel PC - UCP550

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UCP5 instead of OP7


Hightech from Michelstadt

unipo® is written in large letters on the five-story gray building complex at 21 Pelarstraße in Michelstadt. At first you might not have a use for those letters, except you enter the company premises on the beautiful shore of the "Mümling". By then, the visitor knows that he has reached a high-tech enterprise, which you might not expect in the "Odenwald". Here is the headquarters of one of the most innovative and modern companies in the "Odenwald". unipo® stands for "universal power".

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